About CJW Designs

CJW designs has a passion for the how fashion can effect the world. Its a beautiful art form with many different sides that everyone wears and sees on a regular basis. Everyone is also effected by how it is made. Fashion provides a beautiful facade to an ugly truth and CJW Designs wants to work to find better solutions to a big problem. 

Special occasion clothing, such as prom and wedding dresses, often ends up being worn once and then donated or discarded. However, a mass majority of the dresses are made from synthetic materials that take more than a lifetime to break down and they release harmful gases into the air while they do. 

Aside from our custom design projects, CJW Designs like to focus on formal wear and special occasions made from natural fibers and re-purposed textiles. We are hoping to continue moving forward with an eco-conscientious mindset and eliminate all our textile waste, use of synthetic material, and materials with chemical based dye and finishes.